I got to create the look and feel for the IOC at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires. The IOC needed a presence at the games that would resonate with the age range of the games (14-18 years old), whilst still representing the ideals and positioning of the IOC as an official organisation.
The IOC have a history of treating the Youth Olympic Games as a stepping stone on the way to the summer or winter games. This is in contrast to the way the athletes feel. To them it is the most important event they would have been a part of. For this reason, I wanted to change the communication to represent that. I wrote phrases such as ‘my time is now’ and ‘I didn’t come to lose’ to better represent the feelings of the athletes.
The look and feel was used in a range of materials from large format banners to social media posts and communications. The brand needed to be usable by local contractors before and during the course of the games.

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